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About Karla

Hi there! I’m Karla, the voice and vision behind, and I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by to join me on this incredible journey. Coming to you from the vibrant city of Toronto, I’ve woven my love for words and the digital world into a tapestry that spans kosher food, fashion, travel, beauty, luxury vehicles, and the intriguing realm of psychology.

My adventure began in 2014 when I dipped my toes into the online world as a kosher food writer. Little did I know, I was charting a path in a niche that was just starting to bloom. What began with a passion for sharing recipes and culinary discoveries quickly blossomed into a multifaceted exploration of style, wanderlust, aesthetic pleasures, and the mechanics of the mind. Along the way, I've had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with some amazing Canadian designers, while introducing my readers to fresh, exciting brands and ideas. There's nothing I love more than connecting with fellow creatives and you, my readers, as we uncover the beauty and depth of our world together.

But who am I beyond the blog? Well, I’ve spent some time working in the justice sector, which has given me a unique perspective on humanity and the stories we each carry. This experience has enriched my writing and the way I view the world, adding another layer to the content I create.

Academically, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, complemented by certificates from Harvard and Brown University. I’m also on an exciting journey toward completing a master's in psychotherapy at Wilfred Laurier University. It’s a path that’s deepening my understanding of human behaviour and psychology, enriching the narratives I share with you. is more than just a blog to me; it’s a space where we can explore the elegance and complexity of life, from the latest fashion trends and travel escapades to the depths of our own minds. I'm here to share, learn, and grow with you.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Let’s dive into the beauty of life, together!

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