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Mensch on a Bench-giveaway!

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new guy in town. His name is Moshe, and he’s the Mensch on a Bench! This adorable Hanukkah toy is selling out across Canada and the United States. What is it? I’m glad that you asked! Creator Neal Hoffman is a Jewish parent, and like many others at this time of year, he was faced with what he calls the “December Dilemma.” His son asked him if he could get an Elf on a Shelf toy. But his father did not give in to his request because it was a Christmas-themed item. Instead, he created the Mensch, which is actually a Yiddish word for a good or honourable person.

“The idea is that we’re going to bring some more Judaism into the household and give parents a tool with which to celebrate,” Hoffman explained.

The best part of all is the nice storybook that comes with the Mensch. It teaches kids about how to be a good person. He comes with simple guidelines to get everyone in the family involved. He will quickly become a member of your family! Contrary to Elf on the Shelf, kids are allowed to move him around and help place him. What else can you do together?

“The Mensch loves to play dreidel, he loves to eat latkes, and you move him around every night because he’s an old Jewish man so he gets a sore back. As an added bonus, he watches over your menorah for you,” Hoffman explained yesterday on a Fox Business News report.

Personally, I love this concept because it ties back to Judaism in wonderful and engaging ways. I am fortunate because Neal himself sent me not one but two Mensch on a Bench dolls! So guess what? I’m going to give one away on my blog! The contest is open to everyone worldwide. All you have to do to enter is follow KosherKar & TheMenschonaBench on Facebook, or Instagram and then comment on the Facebook or Instagram post to tell me your favourite Hanukkah food! Winner will be announced December 16th.

Also, don’t forget to watch Shark Tank this Friday to see what the Sharks have to say about the Mensch on a Bench!

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