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Rosh Hashanah

This is just a quick update to follow up with details of the special project that I worked on in collaboration with Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. Alexander Rapaport, the co-founder and active director of the organization had contacted me. He asked me if I had any recipes that I could contribute to the special recipe booklet that he was working to create for the High Holidays. If you watch my video, you can see my whole process. To make a long story short, I gladly obliged and I provided two of my favourite carrot tzimmes recipes.

The booklet has since been published. It looks absolutely fantastic! I'm quite honoured to be featured amongst so many important kosher chefs and content creators (pictured above). The booklets have been handed out all over New York and abroad (even stretching all the way up to my family, here in Ontario). If you weren't lucky enough to get your hands on one at the tremendously successful Labour Day event you can view a copy online by clicking here.

I have been in contact with the good people at Masbia for well over a year now. Masbia and the team of volunteers are tremendously dedicated to feeding the hungry in a respectful way. They serve 500 meals per day in a restaurant-like setting, in three different locations in Brooklyn and Queens. To read more about the organization visit If you’d like to make a donation or volunteer your time, please click to donate, or get involved.

L’shanah Tovah!

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