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Momofuku Milk Bar

The entrance of Momofuku

Yesterday I was in downtown Toronto for Buffer Festival, an amazing conference for YouTube creators, located at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. After an inspiring day of screenings and chatting with the lifestyle and beauty creators, we decided to hit up a very popular place. We finally went to Momofuku Milk Bar. This little 'cafe' has been on my list of food places to try for over a year now but until yesterday it had never been much of a priority. My sister and I walked in and we were immediately greeted at the door, and sent up a flight of stairs to the Milk refrigerator on the second floor. This is where all of the baked goods are kept. With the exception of the ice-cream, everything is imported from Brooklyn, New York, where the Momofuku Milk Bar originated. ​

The walk-in refrigerator cube with all of the baked goods, imported from Brooklyn

Cereal Milk ice-cream with Corn Flakes topping

The one item that I really was looking to purchase was the famous birthday layer cake. It was reasonably priced at $44 but I opted for the birthday truffles instead (the cake was too big for the two of us). We then scanned the rest of the fridge and decided that we'd opt for some ice-cream as well. We both ordered the very popular Cereal Milk flavour with Corn Flakes topping (75 cents extra). Unfortunately I wasn't overly struck on this item. It tasted like eating a frozen bowl of Corn Flakes, and it left a similar taste in my mouth afterwards. With that said, the truffles were an entirely different story. They were soft and moist, advanced far beyond any other comparable dessert that I've tasted- think cake pops here. I'd definitely return to Momofuku Milk Bar. The next time, I'm going to try the Crack Pie, which is another staple in the Milk Bar book of recipes. If you find yourself here, feel free to let me know what you thought!

B'day Truffles

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