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Behind the scenes, Zoo Atlanta


I had the chance to do a behind-the-scenes tour of Zoo Atlanta. This tour was geared towards animal nutrition, a subject that I find fascinating. I love learning out about what people and animals eat (there are so many diets)! Let me tell you, the people that make the meals for the zoo animals are proper chefs. This wasn't what I was expecting.

Upon arrival a friendly staff member with a charming accent, probably native to the area, greets me. We take the long route to the kitchen, passing by several beautiful animals in the process. I keep stopping briefly to snap a few pictures here and there on the way, even though I know I'll be getting up close and personal soon enough. We eventually make it to the kitchen, it's huge and it's beautiful. There are floor to ceiling stainless fridges and industrial dishwashers. Overall, a kitchen most restaurant owners could only dream of. There are binders with recipes for each and every single animal. If you can't commit to feeding your dog at a specific time, this would not be the right job for you. Precision and attention to detail make this job intensely complex. A job where people combine food and science to make animals really happy.

I loved touring Zoo Atlanta, check out some of my photos below.


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