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Revice Denim

I fell in love with Revice Denim after a friend of mine sent me a link to a pair of jeans that she'd found on Pinterest. There are only so many things in life that I see and immediately fall in love with. This pair of jeans made the shortlist. You must know what I mean. There are items that you see and immediately try to form a plan of attack on, itching for information on how you can acquire that perfect item. All common sense goes out the window, it doesn't matter who makes it or how much it is, you have to have it.

I discovered that the beautifully hand-crafted jeans that I fell in love with were from Revice, an LA-based company that produces clothing pieces from start to finish. The story on Revice just kept getting better and better. All people involved in the company take great pride in the quality of the denim from concept, to design, fit, construction, and execution. Check out how I styled my fav new jeans, and the super cute vintage tee (see below).



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