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Arm the Animals clothing!

Hey everyone!

Every year 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 animals are euthanized because people simply don’t do the basics for their pets. This number sounds huge because it truly is. When I first heard about Arm the Animals I was so thrilled to see that they work with animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations of all scales to decrease this number over time.

"ATA has worked with and donated to over 50 different animal welfare organizations most of whom are smaller in size, so any amount of money really does make an impact with shelter, food, vet bills and other basics all rescues simply must have.”

This organization has combined fashion (for humans and pets) with charity, creating a company that gives back by making monetary donations from the clothing sales. They also donate large amounts of apparel to these organizations to sell directly to people in the local community at no cost to the organization. Being socially conscious and stylish means that there’s something for everyone! The website stocks hundreds of items for men, women, kids, and pets. Here are some of the items that I own and love!

A little something for my boy!

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