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The easiest way to change your life!

For better or for worse you’re probably experiencing some form of routine right now. Our bodies CRAVE routine, and so we struggle to feel good when our day-to-day activities change. I have always been anti-routine. I’d look at people who spent each day in a routine and I’d shake my head in disapproval. I thought that it would be the worst possible way to live, some schedule binding you to the mundaneness of certainty. I never wanted any part of it. Well, actually I did.

What I didn’t realize that whether I liked it or not, I needed to create a positive routine. I’ve always been very goal-oriented. So when I finished my final semester of university, I realized that I was no longer working towards a goal. This left me feeling a little off-course. I got into the habit of staying up late working on my computer. I’d slam my glowing laptop shut at 2:30am and then shuffle into my room to bed. I’d then sleep for anywhere between four to six hours and then embark on another day of writing, emails, and editing. Breakfast was whatever I had on hand, and it usually didn’t happen until lunchtime. Exercise became the last priority on my list and I started to get weird aches and pains that I’d never had before.

Eventually, after some advice from a friend, I decided to write out what my average day looked like. I had a routine just like everyone else, except mine wasn’t in my best interest. I wasn’t doing anything horribly wrong; I just needed to find a way to break up my day so that it included time for exercise, proper meals, and work. I rewrote my old routine and created a much better schedule for myself. I’ve managed to add two extra hours of daylight to my day, I feel better, I’m more attentive, and I have less anxiety. Best of all, I’ve set some new goals for myself which has helped me stay motivated!

Here’s what you need to try if you ever find yourself feeling stuck:

  1. Write out your current routine.

  2. Identify two goals that you’d like to accomplish.

  3. Write out a NEW routine for yourself, with your goals written on the back.

  4. Make a to-do list. This will help you focus on what you need to do and when.

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