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Let's talk about X baby! New Sephora Formula X polish.

Love, love, love!

I tried a few shades of the Formula X nail polish and I was really blown away by the quality. I started by filing my nails and applying the base coat. Let me tell you, the colour correcting base coat is an absolute GAME CHANGER. Have you ever looked at your nails and noticed uneven colour or texture? The base coat works using a colour corrector to ensure that your nails are primed and ready, like a blank canvas!

Next I applied the full strength rich nail colour. The applicator bush is thick and honestly, pretty fun to use. Two coats seemed to be more than enough, despite the iridescence of the one.

I finished my at home salon experience with the strengthening top coat. Much to my surprise my nails were bone dry within ten minutes, and I was able to hop in my car and get to my next meeting on time!

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