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My incredible black to blonde transformation with Toni & Guy!

Waking up to another Kardashian black to blonde transformation, I immediately screenshotted some of my favourite pictures of Kylie's fresh, honey-blonde hair. As inspired as I was to recreate this look on my own hair, I was cautioned by my family and friends. The idea of a challenge pushed my motivation higher, and I decided this was the right choice. I knew if I wanted to go from black to blonde while preserving my natural shine I'd need some serious professional help. This project wasn't for the unexperienced or for the faint of heart. I got in touch with the owner of the Toni & Guy Yorkville salon, Rob Pupo. Rob has worked at many international salons, beginning his career in London, UK. He now oversees all operations at Toni & Guy in Yorkville, here in Toronto. He and his team of stylists were ready to take on my big project!

When I arrived I sat down and had a thorough consult. We discussed the best course of action and my colour professional got to work right away. Of course, I had to Snapchat the whole experience.

Complimentary tea and coffee made for a relaxing experience.

After a thorough colour-fix I moved over to Rob's chair for a cut. He asked me when I had last had my hair cut, and I was almost afraid to tell him that it had been well over a year (yikes). He calmly talked me through the benefits of a fresh cut, and reassured me that a lot of people go just as long sans scissions in hopes of super long locks. I showed him a photo of my favourite star, and he went to work to create that exact look. His expertise and knowledge really helped in achieving the desired look.

From start to finish it was an amazing experience, and I left with my hair feeling (believe it or not) a million times healthier than when I walked through the door!

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