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Review: Loving Tan

It’s a well known fact that exposure to UV rays can cause major skin damage. However, indoor tanning is just as popular as ever here in Canada, increasingly so with winter now upon us. Right now thousands of people are in the process of planning December getaways to warmer destinations, where prolonged time in the sun is a given. Thankfully though, its no longer necessary to soak up the sun to get a gorgeous bronze glow. I wanted to share with you a line of sunless tanner that I found that works really well year-round, called Loving Tan.

I’ve had a chance to test out some of the products from their tanning range. My favourite is the Bronze Shimmer Lotion. It’s phenomenal because you can lather it on head to toe simply as you would regular lotion. It dries faster than most body lotions without bronzer, and I can get dressed within five minutes of applying with no risk of transfer onto my clothing or accessories. It gives you a natural dark glow with a slight gold shimmer that occasionally catches the light in a very alluring way. Zero streaking, instant tan.


-Buildable colour

-Instant results

-Designed to enhance appearance of tan in photos

-Washes off with soap and water

I also tested out the 2 Hour Express Dark Self Tanning Mousse. It developed really quickly, I was able to wash it off within one hour because of how well it worked. Compared to others that I’ve tried, there is less odour while it’s developing. After you rinse it off, it does continue to deepen in colour as well.


-Ultra-fast development

-Smooth application

Finally I used the product that Loving Tan is most famous for, the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse. It comes out as a dark foam and the streak-free formula gradually deepens into a dark tan, while leaving behind a bronze glow.


-Streak-free formula

-Gradual development

-Deep and long-lasting

Overall, I would highly recommend Loving Tan on account of the quality and value that you get for the product.

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