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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Men

My top gift ideas for boyfriends, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles or anyone really.

1. Italia Brava hair dryer with Ferrari-designed engine

Sleek, sexy as hell, designed and made in Italy. This hairdryer has a remarkable 'engine' designed exclusively by Ferrari. If you know a guy who needs a hair dryer (we all know someone who has a ten year-old model that needs to be replaced) then go for this gorgeous piece of Italian technology. The car lover in your family will appreciate it! Shop it here.

2. Tile

Never lose anything again. I own a couple of Tiles and I absolutely love them. I keep one on my key ring so that I can page my keys from my phone, and another one in my car, so I can geo-track my location (no more losing your car in a parking lot).

3. Satchel bag

Know a guy who owns things? I bet you do. Place them in a stunning bag made in England. This gift is sure to please!

4. Apple TV

This is a great tech gift for anyone on your list that enjoys streaming content. The apple TV has more than 50 'channels' including Netflix, Youtube, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and many more. There is no monthly fee, plug-in and get streaming!

5. LUSH Splash gift set

I love the products in this gift set, they are all so fresh! These scents are great for both genders but particularly nice for men in my opinion. Seasalt, seaweed, and refreshing lime are a few of my favourite ingredients in this all-natural box of goodies, perfect for a little pampering from head to toe!

6. Bose wireless speaker

This compact wireless speaker packs a big punch in terms of sound. It's a great gift idea and a personal favourite of mine.

7. Foreo ultimate grooming kit for men

There's no better way to start the new year than with a new skincare routine.

8. Philips Avance smokeless BBQ grill

If your barbecue has a foot of snow on it and you're missing the taste of summer meals, this is the solution.

9. Lounge pants

Sometimes practical is perfect!

10. Dress socks

Still need one more little thing? Pick up a fun pair of dress socks, they're sure to come in handy.

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