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What's new: COVERGIRL

I had the opportunity to attend the COVERGIRL beauty vault event for a sneak peek at all of the exclusive new products for spring 2017. I also learned some really great tips from makeup pro Veronica Chu (pictured above). Without further ado, scroll down to see what's new!

1. So Lashy mascara

Yes, yes, YES. This mascara has become one of my favourites. This product has a 3-in-1 wand for bold, dark, and sexy lashes. It takes some getting used to at first but Veronica taught us how to use the brush correctly to get the perfect application.

2. Trunaked Jewels eye palette

This colourful palette is perfect for mixing, matching, and building to create the perfect bold or subtle look. The shadows are intensely pigmented- with three different textures: matte, shimmer, and sparkly.

3. Intensify Me liquid eyeliner

This revolutionary design allows for a precise liquid liner application. It has a thick end for graphic lines and a thin angle for sharp, subtle lines. The quick-dry formula comes in three new shades: sapphire, emerald, and smoked amber.

4. Outlast All-Day colour and gloss

I'm always on the hunt for the latest and greatest all-day lipstick. I was so thrilled with this one, it stayed in place for a full 10 hours (until I finally scrubbed it off)! It has two ends in one wand, one for the colour (matte) and then the other end has the gloss, which is very hydrating to offset the matte texture.

5. Easy Breezy Brow collection

Using a range of shades in a powder, mascara, and a pencil, it's easier than ever to create the perfect brow!

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