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The Face Shop: a few new favourites

I've been really interested in testing out some new masks for a variety of skin issues. I've been fortunate to have clear skin but winter has made my skin dry and puffier than normal. I decided to look for some new products to combat puffy and or dry skin. Three of my favourites that I've tried are below, these ones in particular are from The Face Shop.

Real Nature Aloe Face Mask

This mask is absolutely amazing for calming dry and puffy skin. It's really beneficially for those with sensitive skin, as it contains a super gentle formula.After using the mask my skin felt soothed and less puffy. It also appeared a lot brighter, so it's perfect if you're experiencing dull skin from winter. Because of the natural aloe extract, this sheet mask would be especially great for anyone who's spent a little too much time in the sun!

Real Nature Blueberry Face Mask

Another excellent mask that's incredibly soothing is the blueberry mask from The Face Shop. It has a potent blueberry scent which I actually really liked a lot (it wasn't overpowering). Blueberries are super high in antioxidants, and this mask combines the extract with a moisturizing serum that is unbelievably hydrating. This mask is perfect for very dry skin in winter, or for that tight feeling after cleansing the skin. It leaves the skin looking youthful and feeling soft!

Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch

Applying the bright eyes patch is a great way to kick-start your morning, especially if you're feeling more tired than usual. The package instructs the user to perform 'face yoga' before applying the patches. Basically it's a circulatory massage, which I must say, it felt amazing! The actual eye patches worked wonders in the short time that I had applied them for. They really reduced puffiness and therefore, I'd highly recommend this product!

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