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Spring has sprung (finally), and to celebrate, I'm pleased to present to you the new releases from LUSH for Easter/Spring! Here are some of my favourites that I've tried so far.

Chocolate Easter Egg soap

This is my favourite scent from the LUSH Easter collection! It has a sweet and enveloping smell reminiscent of vanilla, lemon, grapefruit, and of course, chocolate. It’s made with cocoa butter so it lathers oh-so wonderfully, while helping your skin transition to spring softness!

Golden Egg

This mystical and magical bath bomb melt is the epitome of luxury. It will transform your bath into a toffee-scented oasis, while fair trade cocoa butter and moisturizing olive oil soften your skin. Why do I love it so much? I got to see it being made during my factory tour in January! I saw the luxurious oils that went into it, the shaping, and of course, the GLITTER room, where the eggs are carefully turned to a miraculous gold.


This is a really cool product. It’s a face wash jelly cleanser. The scent is oceanic, as it contains mineral-rich seaweed gel. It also has moisturizing almond oil and glycerin. When the time-change starts to sink in (spring forward as they say), zesty lemon and bergamot oils are the perfect solution for tired mornings!


This lip scrub is perfect for buffing away winter dryness! It smells like a mixture of orange and chocolate, and it contains cocoa powder, castor sugar, and organic jojoba oil for super soft lips!

Chick N’ Mix

This bathbomb is SO cute, and it comes with an adorable surprise! The big chicky egg opens up to reveal a little orange bunny inside. You can use this in three separate baths, or drop it all in at once for a great big tub full of colourful fun. Citrusy bergamot oil and sweet caramel meld together to create a warm and wonderful scent.

Bunch of Carrots

This super cute bubble bar trio is super fresh and fruity for spring! Three carrots, each of which is more than enough to fill your bathtub with amazing lemon-bergamot bubbles to get you hopping towards warmer weather!

Wash Behind Your Ears

This lavish shower gel is thick with luxurious jasmine and rose oils. The uplifting scent of neroli (something we’re seeing more and more of now) is great to get you feeling fresh first thing in the morning, while organic sunflower oil leaves your skin feeling soft.

Which Came First? (Stripes)

You may not have the answer to the age-old question (of what came first) but why not ponder over it in a fizzy bath full of sweet citrusy water? This giant bath bomb can be used for a couple of fruity fuchsia coloured soaks or all at once for a spectacular bath!

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