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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, you’ll know by now that I’m incredibly excited (and talking about it since the moment I found out) that I’ve been chosen to attend the 2017 JUNO Awards! Guess what that means? I get to travel to Ottawa this week to take in some of the festivities and celebrate everything JUNOS!

JUNO Bloggers pictured with Kevin Heard (Barenaked Ladies)!

How about a little Q&A ?! I've gotten a LOT of questions so I'm going to answer a few below before I get into more details about some of the amazing companies that have made this year's show possible!

1. When do you leave?

This Friday! I've be traveling on the Juno Express Train (with Via Rail) from Toronto directly to Ottawa.

2. What are you doing there?

I'm going to be covering as much as I possibly can on all of my channels, and officially representing the JUNOS while I'm there!

3. Will you go to the live show?

YES! Not only will I be attending but I also have the incredible privilege of walking the red carpet next to all of the amazing celebrities.

So far in preparation, I've been able to check out some amazing products courtesy of the JUNO sponsors for the show this weekend. The show itself is being held at the Canadian Tire Centre, just outside of the city. I'll be staying at the stunning Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel (right beside Parliament Hill), and enjoying all of the amenities.

Here are some of my favs so far!

I love this amazing Canadian company, founded right here in Toronto. The clothing pieces really represent the super unique style that us Torontonians know and love! They created a cool collection just for this year's Juno Awards, pictured above.

A Toronto native and everyone's favourite, Steam Whistle is another amazing JUNO partner that has really taken an initiative to make this week amazing for everyone! For example, they are holding an art exhibit of one of my favourite Canadian artists Erin Rothstein (she paints incredibly detailed paintings). For more info on Steam Whistle and the exhibit, see here.

Casper is popular for a reason, they make amazing products to make the most important activity (sleep) better than ever before. This week I've been sleeping on one of the most ergonomic and comfortable pillows of all time. It's so easy to use the same pillow over and over, without even thinking about it but quality pillows are really important (and can save you money in the long-run)!

One of my favourite Niagara wineries, Jackson Triggs is known for superior quality Canadian grown grapes. VQA is of utmost importance, and this winery holds itself to even the highest of ranks. The winery offers tours, weddings, and much more year-round.

For up-to-date posts from the JUNOS check out my Instagram!

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