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What's new: Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

My travel look, featuring the new Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones

I was so excited to finally get a chance to check out the new Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones! The design is sleek, futuristic, and compact. The headphones fit comfortably and are adjustable to each user’s needs.

The most notable change between the Beats Solo2 Wireless and the model pictured above happens on the inside. One very cool feature of the latest release is the introduction of Apple W1 wireless technology. It makes for super easy setup, and it simplifies the process of switching from one device to another.

A lot of people raise concerns over battery life when it comes to wireless devices and use away from a charger. The Solo3 Wireless headphones feature 5-minute Fast-Fuel charging, so plugging in before bed becomes a thing of the past. The battery-life is impeccable, clocking in at an incredible 40 hours between full charges for both iOS and Android.

I especially love wireless headphones because they give you extreme flexibility for task-oriented listening. The perfect running companion, the Solo3 Wireless headphones offer a snug fit so they stay in place. As well, there’s no need to fidget with a cord while exercising- having your phone attached by a cord is simply a thing of the past!

I also love the noise-cancelling capabilities of these headphones, a feature that Beats has become known for. They are perfect for wearing in-flight or outdoors, and can eliminate many of the background noises that serve to distract and interrupt the enjoyable listening experience.

I also tested out the headset capabilities, as these headphones come with a cord that works for phone calls (featuring a microphone). The clarity was incredible, and the noise cancellation also works wonders for making calls. I tested them out in both a loud office, and outdoors in downtown Toronto and I have to say, the calls were uninterrupted in both instances by external noise.

With best-in-class battery life, easy pairing, noise cancellation, and incredible overall sound, the Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones are perfect for everyday use and more. They’ve become both my travel companion and a part of my exercise routine that I simply cannot live without! For more information and where to purchase, please see below.

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