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TOMS One Day Campaign

TOMS is celebrating 11 years of improving lives through giving shoes, sight, safe birth, safe water, kindness and time to millions of people in need.

I've been a huge fan of TOMS for years now. I remember when they first came on the scene in May of 2006, with the promise of a one-for-one campaign-matching every pair sold for a pair donated. Since then, TOMS has given over 60 million pairs of shoes! However, they don't just stop at that. TOMS has expanded to improving lives through other means, such as improving sight through eye surgeries, providing safe water, and safe birth measures. They operate in more than 75 countries, including Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and China.

Below are some of the pins that help to celebrate the achievements of TOMS in honour of the One Day Campaign.

Every purchase will help a person in need. To learn more, visit

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