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Sephora Pro Palette- here's why I LOVE it.

The Sephora PRO team consists of fifteen handpicked top makeup artists chosen for their superior skill, unprecedented creativity, and ability to inspire through education. The team is well-represented by unique individuals who understand the needs of people working in fashion, those conducting photoshoots, and those dominating on social media.

Pictured here is the Sephora PRO palette in Warm. I couldn't dream of a more perfect palette if I tried. The Sephora PRO Artists collaborated for the first time ever to present the PRO eyeshadow palette for all photo-ready needs. It features 28 high pigment, high performance shades in chrome, matte, shimmer, and satin finishes to create endless looks in cool mattes and stunning iridescent textures that accommodate the changing needs of both professional and consumer makeup application.

There are three different palettes that mirror each other, with sleek black packing, square pans, and a giant mirror. They are available in warm tones, cool tones, and a palette dedicated to those who love colour. The shades are highly pigmented and absolutely stunning. Even the names of the shades are incredibly intriguing!

Each is on trend and wears flawlessly on the skin. Matte shadows feature kaolin to absorb skin oils for a long lasting matte finish. Nylon Powder contributes to the smooth texture and soft feel of these matte powders. Each contains antioxidant vitamins A and E. As well, coconut and safflower seed oils offer conditioning properties and allow the satin shadows to spread evenly. Sericite has been added for a smooth, silky texture. Finally, high impact pearls add to the vibrant finish of the shimmer shadows. Emollient esters have been added to enhance the luxurious texture of this powder and boost adhesion. Each contains anti-oxidant vitamins A and E.

I've swatched some of my favourites below (which you may have already seen on Instagram)!

The palette is available exclusively at Sephora. To purchase click here.

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