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Victoria's Secret: Nothing, Something, Everything!

This week my sister (who acts as my assistant and my amazing photographer) and I were off to Los Angeles to attend the media launch event for the new Victoria's Secret Nothing, Something, Everything collection. The bras go from no lining to full push-up effects. This event featured the entire new collection, cocktails to correspond with the levels of padding, and Victoria's Secret's very own supermodel; Martha Hunt!

Hunt explained the new collection perfectly, "Today we're launching the Nothing Something Everything collection. 'Nothing' means the bras are unlined; it's more of a natural shape. 'Something' gives you subtle lining and subtle shape. 'Everything' does everything for you—it gives you extra curves and makes you feel sexy." It really is a one-stop shop for everyone, and every need!

Nothing: The Body by Victoria Unlined Demi Bra

Something: The Body By Victoria Perfect Coverage Bra

Everything: The Body by Victoria Perfect Shape Full Coverage Bra

Check out our video from the event below!

Click here to shop the new collections.

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