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New LUSH products are here, and they are BOMB.

Hello fellow LUSH lovers~!

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite new products from the latest LUSH release. This release did not disappoint and as you can see above, we have some very unique new products fresh from the LUSH kitchen.

ALSO... I have gotten so many messages asking if I have any insight on when the LUSH Halloween products will be coming out, if there are new products, if I know any secrets about what the Halloween launch might include. As of now I'm not sure but I'm a huge fan of Halloween (not going to lie, it's one of my favourite 'holidays' of the year!) As soon as I get word of any new information for this year's release I promise I'll get it up and available to you ASAP.

For now, here are some amazing new goodies for you to explore!


As a fan of all things colourful, I was taken back when I saw this ominously grey bath bomb (gasp)! HOWEVER, upon dropping it in the tub I was met with an uplifting explosion of orange, red, pink, and yellow. Metamorphosis is infused with harmonious black pepper, cinnamon, and myrrh. Release into warm water, and as the harsh grey exterior of city life fizzes away!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I never knew that I could love something SO MUCH. Scrubee was released as a limited edition product a few months ago, and it's back (permanently) by overwhelmingly popular demand. The lovely people at LUSH listened to the thousands of comments, tweets, and messages from diehard fans like myself, and my beloved Scrubee has returned! It means business when it comes to buffing the skin super smooth. It uses coconut shell and ground almond to buff, and honey, cocoa, and Shea butter to smooth. Game changer.

Elbow Grease

I love the scent of elbow grease, and if you like citrus it will surely be your new fav moisturizer too. It's a balm-like formula that uses rich cupuaçu, murumuru and illipe butters. If you don't know what these are it's totally fine, all you need to know is that they work wonders on dry skin. With the evenings already getting cooler (gulp) and fall right around the corner, this is something to implement immediately. ALSO, if you have tattoos that sometimes look a bit dull, swipe this over them and watch them magically be given new life. It's an amazing brightener!


Next time you need a super sweet escape from reality, look no further than this lovely bath bomb, Pink! It erupts into an ultra sweet fizz of vanilla absolute and tonka, with magical silver swirls.


This hand and body lotion is perfect for transitioning into changing seasons. I'm always taken back by the amazing calming scent of this lotion, it's great for slathering on before bed. Comforting lavender, tonka perfume create the scent, and glycerin, cocoa butter and almond oil work together to moisturize skin and lock in hydration to keep skin soft, supple and comfortable all day and night!

Yellow Submarine

Toss this adorable yellow submarine into the bath and sit back and watch the colour unfold. Brazilian orange, lemongrass, and coriander make this bath bomb super uplifting! It's so fitting, a cute little submarine for your bath. A fun gift idea too!

Mouthwash Tabs

The latest creation from the magical and mysterious LUSH factory- Mouthwash Tabs! For a mouth that's the freshest imaginable, pop one of these solid mouthwash tabs on the tip of your tongue. Take a sip of water, nibble the tab and swish. Spit out after swishing to experience a new frontier of freshness.

To view the rest of the new collection take a peak here. As always, if you have any questions feel free to send me an email or message on Instagram!

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