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What's new: Katy Perry's INDI Fragrance

Katy Perry has long-evolved from her early career days. She now expresses herself in ways that embrace her individuality, and with that, she launched her latest fragrance, Katy Perry's INDI. The inspiration behind this fragrance revolves around her need for self-expression, and her desire to help others find freedom through self-expression.

"With INDI, I finally got to play with a bold musk scent. It's a combination of feminine and masculine, and it's sexy without being too in your face. It's about expressing your true self and enhancing the incredible individual that you are". -Katy Perry

This super sophisticated new fragrance feels true to the Katy Perry that we all love. It's a super seductive gender-neutral fragrance that elevates the senses and celebrates individuality. It was created with 11 different musks, and features top notes of oriental plum and Italian bergamot, while also combining fresh muguet and white cedar wood with the warmth of amber and vanilla.

Upon first testing it out I noticed some similarities to Tom Ford's Black Neroli perfume (I personally like Katy Perry's much better). It just so happens that the Black Neroli perfume was part of the inspiration behind this fragrance. It's not too floral or fruity, and although it's not labeled as a unisex fragrance, it can be worn by anyone as it's very androgynous!

Katy Perry's INDI 50ml is available exclusively at Shoppers Drugmart for $58 and the 30ml option is available at Katy Perry concerts only for $38.

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