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Toronto International Film Festival X Huawei Mobile

The Huawei P10 is the official smartphone of TIFF 2017, as part of a new partnership between Huawei Mobile and TIFF. I've attended the festival for a few years now, and I'm used to seeing the best DSLR cameras in the hands of many notable photographers. However, this year the festivities were being captured by a sleeker competitor, the new Huawei P10 smartphone. The Huawei P10 is designed for creativity, specifically on account of the Leica Dual Camera 2.0 to deliver vivid colours and greater detail to images. I was invited to the official TIFF portrait studio, where many notable celebrities have posed and been captured in iconic photos. I was styled, sat for hair and makeup, and after what felt like no time at all, it was my turn for the photoshoot.

“TIFF is such a momentous time of year in Canada, where artistic visions and style are showcased and celebrated,” said Ron Cihocki, VP Marketing & Sales, Huawei Canada. “We really wanted to flip the script by using Huawei P10 mobile devices to shoot all the fast-paced action during the Festival, as the P10 is a true representation of innovation, style and reliability.”

I had the opportunity to work with the incredible Kourosh Keshiri, who informed me right away that my photos would be captured on the P10, which was recently awarded the Best Smartphone Camera of 2017-2018(European Image and Sound Association (EISA)). The camera was co-engineered with Leica, and is equipped with a 12MP RGB and 20MP Monochrome sensor with an incredible Leica SIMMARIT-H lense. It has incredibly advanced optimization software, including dynamic illumination, 3D facial detection, and hybrid zoom and outstanding multi-tasking performance. DSLR quality, in a compact and sleek smartphone!

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