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Secret spray deodorant, yay or nay?!

I wanted to review the Secret aerosol deodorant right away because I got sooo many questions about it when I showed you guys my Beauty United mailer for this fall!

First off let me tell you, there's nothing to be scared of!! Secret spray deodorant is very very simple to apply and actually pretty discreet. Both literally (quick spray on your way out of the gym) and discreet in that it will NOT show on your clothing... this spray is invisible and I happen to love that. It's extremely efficient and dries within seconds. My mom was so excited when she saw aerosol deodorant, she almost couldn't believe it! Apparently it has been around for quite some time now and is trusted by many. Overall, it's amazing for long-lasting odour and wetness protection.

I personally really like the OOH La La Lavender scent, it's very fresh and youthful.

Here's a link to the Secret website where you can find out more!

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