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Get Holiday Ready with Me!

This holiday season I’ve partnered with Schick ® as a #SchickAmbassador and today I'm going

to give you some tips for getting ready and enjoying the process!

If I'm being honest, sometimes I enjoy the process of getting ready more than I enjoy leaving the

house! My get-ready time is when I do some of my best thinking, planning, and get my

inspiration. Years ago, I used to loathe dragging myself out of bed and into the shower first thing

in the morning, only to be followed by hair styling, makeup, and clothing selection. As

superficial as it may sound, it's a part of what I do and at the end of the day, I really do love it!

Most people have some steps to getting ready, whether it’s just everyday things like getting

ready to leave the house to work or going to the store, often we overlook the time we spend

getting ready because it’s such a normal part of our routines. At this time of year there are so

many events, parties, and vacations. So, it’s a great time to maybe up the normal routine and

really pamper yourself. I purposely draw out the process of getting ready whenever I can because I've found ways to make it meditative. Without further ado, here's how I get ready!

1. Shower time.

I love a shower before I go out, it wakes me up and helps me to feel ready to take on anything! I really take the time to make the shower experience nice, even if I don't have much time. I drop some essential oils throughout and let the steam breathe life into my skin. Once I'm in I go through the usual steps, and adding some in if I really want to feel pampered. I'm a huge lover of wearing dresses but I never have time to shave my legs. So, when I do I use Schick Hydro Silk products for a long-lasting shave. It's also important to be super careful when shaving the day of the event, because you don’t want to have to deal with any cuts (ever for that matter)! I use the Schick Skintimate Shave Gel for a carefree quick shave, and perfectly smooth legs. For more info on products I use see below!

2. Makeup!

I will totally rush through my makeup routine if I don't set the scene first. Always start with a

clean, well-lit area, with no distractions. Lay out your products and brushes so they're easy to

grab. I like to put on some music, listen to an audiobook, or watch a YouTube video. Basically,

I'm taking time to do my makeup and I make it even more fun by doing another activity I find

relaxing. Overall there's something very satisfying about makeup as an art form, I compare it to

painting a lot in that it can be meditative and personal.

3. Choosing an outfit...

Choosing an outfit can actually be fun! There's a reason I leave this until the very end- it's my

least favourite part of getting ready. Again, music, audiobook, Youtube videos- make it fun!

Clothing can be such a great way to get party ready because you can really express yourself, set

aside time to play!

Here are some Schick products that I recommend!

Schick Hydro Silk ®

This razor has become one of my favourites, the new and improved formula provides lasting

hydration and a close shave, which means less shaving (exactly what I like during the fall/winter

months)! The razor head is formulated with a water-activated serum for up to two hours of

moisture after shaving. It features five Curve Sensing ® blades in an oval shape, to reduce

irritation by fitting to the curves of the body. Look out for Hydro Silk's new look and don't forget to give it a go before slipping into a nice holiday dress.

Schick ® Hydro Silk TrimStyle ®

Possibly the most perfect all-in- one, a razor and a trimmer conveniently in one device, for a

smooth and hydrating shave at home or on the go. On one end you have the original Schick

Hydro Silk ®, an intensely moisturizing and lathering razor, and on the other side the TrimStyle®, which is a unique razor that features an incredibly advanced waterproof trimming device on

the other end, so you can get everything exactly to your liking! It features an adjustable comb

with four settings to achieve a custom trim length unique to your needs.

Schick Quattro YOU

The Schick Quattro YOU is a new and vibrant disposable pack of four razors uniquely designed

to provide a smooth and long-lasting shave so you can skip a day or two. They come in two

varieties (and colours) Peace of Mind for Sensitive Skin, and Exotic Violet Blooms. They feature

four ultra-thin blades for a close shave with fewer nicks and cuts, skin conditioning strips, a slim

handle, and of course, a stylish look. The cartridge itself is small for harder to reach areas,

overall its easy and perfect for young shavers.

Skintimate Shave Gel

I love using a shave gel, especially in the winter months when my skin is a bit drier. The

Skintimate shave gel is enriched with a blend of Vitamin E, Olive Butter. It offers unbeatable

protection against cuts, which allowing for a close and comfortable shave.

I received compensation from Schick Hydro Silk to share my honest thoughts and opinions of the


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