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Victoria's Secret Love Eau de Perfume

I think its becoming more and more obvious that I'm a huge fan of reviewing fragrances and showing you all of my personal favourites. I've developed an amazing relationship with Victoria's Secret and I'm always super excited to see what's new and next from the brand. I know when we think of VS it's often for the lingerie, sleepwear, and sport collections but some of the other amazing products that VS has worked to develop extensively are the fragrances (equally sexy in my opinion)!

The new Love scent is super fresh with a hint of masculinity that makes it oh-so alluring. Love smells like fresh juniper, apricot blush, and boyfriend tee accord. If you're curious what I mean by 'boyfriend tee', it means the underlying notes (juniper and wood) are very masculine, two scents commonly occurring in cologne. I find them super subtle, and they are actually what make this fragrance a huge win in my opinion. I find when the fragrance has had a chance to dry down the boyfriend tee scent is less masculine and more fresh/cottony.

The fragrance on it's own wears really exceptionally well, and seems to last for the whole day. For even more stay-power check out some of the layering options below. I love that its available in such a huge range, so if it becomes your favourite too, you can take it in the shower and on the go in travel size, and hydrate your skin with it!

Click the images below to shop.

I absolutely LOVE the reversible tote below (its snakeskin pattern and SO gorgeous)!

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