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Review: Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light

Over the past two months I've been testing out the latest release from Crest, the Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light kit. I have always wanted to try dentist whitening on my teeth but like everything, sometimes it's just easier and more convenient to do before bed in the comfiness that is my own bed! I have always been really uneasy about teeth whitening because I worry that it will make my teeth more sensitive (thankfully I haven't encountered this and I think it's predominantly a rumour). I started out slow and steady with the new Crest kit, just doing half the recommended amount of time only a few days per week, and I was pretty impressed with the results from that alone! Crest 3D White’s new, unique blue light system uses the same type of light technology dentists use, and whitens 2x better than a professional treatment

It's super simple to use, you apply the whitestrips for one hour and during the final few minutes you apply the light to the top and bottom teeth- then you're done! The blue light works to lighten and weaken stains so that the whitening ingredient can work more effectively. The result is dramatically better whitening that lasts up to 36 months. Yes, 36 months. That means a week's worth of coffee isn't going to put you back to square one! Overall I would definitely recommend checking it out for yourself if whitening is something that you're interested in.

Here is a link to find out more!

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