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Why you'll love LUSH Naked!

As you probably already know, disposable packaging from our food, cosmetics and most everything else we buy generates an enormous amount of waste. LUSH has made it their mission to protect the environment by starting the LUSH Naked Campaign (this actually started back in 2007/2008)! You've probably noticed that many products don't come in packaging- bath bombs, bubble bars, massage bars, and those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Remarkably, over thirty-five percent of LUSH products come without any packaging! Today I'm so excited to announce that all of your favourite shower gels are available naked!

A solid, naked shower gel—isn't that just a soap? Nope! The new naked shower gels are much creamier than regular soaps which leave skin feeling more hydrated after washing. Plus, with no plastic bottle to speak of, these solid washes are totally waste-free.

From left to right:

-Twilight: relaxing, lavender scent perfect for a cold night in- use it in a bath or the shower for a dreamy lather.

-Santa's Christmas: this one literally smells so delicious. It has a cola-like scent that will definitely get you in the spirit!

-Berry Berry Christmas: blueberries baby! Cranberries also give this holiday favourite its signature scent.

-Rose Jam: another LUSH favourite, this one is made with Rose Absolute and has an intoxicating aroma that really lasts!

-Bubbly: this one is my all-time personal favourite. Do you know why? Sweet wild orange and Champagne~ ouu lala.

-Snow Fairy: this scent is an acquired 'taste'- it's rich and candy sweet! Those who love it live for it this time of year!

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