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What you need for Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, it's Valentine's Day! Humans are wired to seek out companionship and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show some love to the person who keeps you grounded! It's also a really great time for self-love and a little pampering. The products below are sure to help get you in the mood.

A nice candle! Whether you're getting ready to go out or settling in for an evening at home, lighting a candle can help you to relax and unwind. I love lighting candles when I'm getting ready, working, or just chilling having a cozy night in. I really like the candles in the Commodity Fragrance line! The one pictured above is from the Commodity 3x3 Exploration Kit, which includes three candles and corresponding eau de parfum travel sprays in Orris, Book, and Tea.

Shop it here.

A quality lotion. I love the L'Occitane line. The quality is absolutely superb and ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E make for a softness that lasts. Valentine's Day corresponds with winter, so dry skin season is in full-swing. One of my go-to tricks is to put lotion on any exposed skin (hands, arms, legs, etc.), and it helps to liven up your look and give you a bit of a glow. I do this every time I leave the house and it really helps to keep the cool air from further drying out your skin. Pictured is the L'Occitane hand cream.

Shop it here.

Makeup! Although not necessary, I do love to play with makeup anytime I have an excuse to do so. Valentine's Day can be the perfect time to test out a new look or to opt for something more sultry than normal. This year I decided to keep it super chic and neutral and used only some of my favourite products:

-Covergirl Vitalist Go Glow-

I've been loving this product as a base for makeup. It has a super beautiful sheen that's wearable both as a base and on its own. It's infused with vitamins E, B3 and B5, so this lightweight moisturizer with light-reflecting pigments gives your skin a naturally hydrated and luminous glow. Go Glow is available in two shades: light and bronze.

Shop it here.

-NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick-

This product worked it's way into my makeup bag and it's safe to say that it's there to stay! One end features a beautiful and flawlessly matte foundation (matte is my life), and the other end has a touch-up blender which is perfect for creating a gorgeous finish. It comes in 20 colours. I'm 'light-3' which is light with yellow undertones. I also think it's great for minimal makeup looks, and it works well as a concealer in a pinch. It's compact and light and due to it's dual purpose ends it's great for traveling!

Shop it here.

-Buxom Power Plump lip balm

Not only is this lip balm everything that you hope for in terms of hydration, it also has an intense plumping effect. Lucious lips are easily achievable with this balm. It's quite magical because the colour changes based on your body's natural pH levels, so it's uniquely you! Paraben and sulfate free too! Buxom recently launched some plumping liquid lipsticks which I'm dying to try out. My sister works at Sephora and she bought a couple to try and loves them so far!

Shop it here.

-NARS lipstick and lipgloss-

This lipstick and lipgloss combo has been a favourite of mine since the launch of the NARS x Man Ray collection. I love playing around with different combinations from the NARS line because I feel the colours compliment each other nicely and the lipsticks and glosses layer beautifully. If you haven't tried out the Audacious line, you need to- stat. They are super luxurious and a dream come true for lipstick lovers!

Shop lipstick here, and lipgloss here.

Parfume! Ugh I live for perfume. For so many years I stuck with one 'signature scent' and refused to wear anything but that. Now I try as many perfumes as I can, and I even layer them! I get lost for hours in the fragrance section of Sephora. There is almost nothing on this earth that makes me happier than a nice fragrance that matches my energy on that day. Tonight's choice is Shiseido Ever Bloom. This light and airy fragrance is supposed to represent universal femininity.

Shop it here!

FILM! I love documenting all aspects of my life in film. It's such a unique way to hold special memories close to your heart. I absolutely love the Fujifilm Instax SQ10 hybrid camera (pictured above). It's super lightweight and prints gorgeous 2.4"x2.4" square photos. They are a great size for displaying. I did a post featuring this camera and the amazing Instax SP-3 printer (also an amazing option). To read it and learn more, click here.

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