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New for summer from Chanel!

Because Chanel is always a good idea!

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to share with you some new releases from my all-time favourite brand, Chanel makeup!

This season the brand has created a collection of makeup which encapsulates instinctively the beauty and warmth of a Chanel Summer!


First up, the very best golden-warm bronzer (honestly this is my new all-time favourite). It gently warms up the skin tone, giving the wearer a stunning glow that really does look like an August-tan. I've been using this in the shade 'Medium Deep' and it's perfect for light-olive skin tones like mine.


A good eyeliner is everything, and this latest release from Chanel does not disappoint. True to Parisian roots, this black liner allows you to do a dramatic look without smudging. My all-time favourite everyday eyeliner is the Calliegraphie (the one in the glass pot) because I'm more comfortable with the brush format, but this one is super easy to take on the go and therefore great for traveling too.


The perfect high-shine beautiful lipstick! I love this edgy colour because of the super fun summery orange undertone. I will definitely be wearing this one for nights out this summer!


I adore this mascara. I actually tried it out in the green shade (pictured above) and its super wearable. The colour is subtle but enough to draw attention to everyone's most alluring feature- the eyes! I also love the stay power of this one and how buildable it is depending on how bold of a look you're looking to create.


I adore Chanel nail polish. Everyone I know that wears Chanel polish knows that it's worth the extra bit it costs above other brands because the quality is truly outstanding. It lasts for days and the colours are never too sheer or impractical. I find a bottle lasts me quite a while, even in some of my favourite shades. Perfect for summer because it's very chip resistant and low-maintenance, which we all need once in a while!

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