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Reka Nyari at Coldstream Fine Art

I had the pleasure of visiting Coldstream Fine Art in Toronto this week, to view Valkyrie Ink, an exhibition showcasing new work from black and white photographer, Reka Nyari.

This series focuses on a young woman named Eowyn and her story of both trauma and her recovery. The viewer can see Eowyn’s struggle marked on her skin, shown not only with tattoos but also visible in her scars. Her skin is the first line of defence in the battle that she faces, uncovered with her naked body on the front lines.

Her work is incredibly polished and well thought-out. I loved studying each photograph, the tattoos add an interesting dimension to a photograph in which the subject appears to be floating amongst the black backdrop. I won't give anything more away, I encourage you to drop by and enjoy the rest of the stunning portraits in person!

Visit the gallery between now and June 9th to see the exhibit at 80 Spadina Ave, Suite 208.

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