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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, a Cord-Free Game-Changer

I remember when I was about to announce that we were building a new house on Instagram, I was unsure how the response would be but there seemed to be an instant interest. Such an overwhelming amount of people have been following along with our house build and the number keeps growing and growing the closer we get to moving in. With every post comes hundreds of questions! One question I've been asked many times now, is if we will be doing a central vacuum unit.

The house I grew up in had a central vacuum unit, so without thinking we opted to put one in. However, if given the choice now, I would opt for the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute vacuum instead. Yes, instead of a great big unit with hose outlets every 10 feet, we would opt for this small vacuum with BIG power.

The average cost for a central vacuum system installation in a home less than 3,000 square feet varies but costs between $3,200 to $5,000. The accessory kit, number and type of wall inlets, power unit, and the hose(s) are all factors that affect the price. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute retails for $799.99 and promises big-vacuum perks without the big price tag or bulk.

Oh how wonderful it has been to use our Dyson to clean up drywall dust and dirt! Knowing the floor is clean before we lay hardwood is so important!

Factors that were super important to me when choosing a vacuum were:

-Ability to clean up dog fur and allergens

-Big suction power

-Car-friendly -- Able to remove dirt and sand from regular summer beach trips

I will start by saying I never knew I could be so absolutely moved and enamoured by a vacuum. My first requirement was the ability to clean up pet hair. We have a greyhound and although he sheds less than a lot of other breeds, the fur accumulates quickly especially in places that he frequents the most (around his crate, on the sofa). The fact that the Dyson is cordless absolutely changes everything. It's super easy to just grab off the charging dock and do a quick clean-up as needed, which has really helped to eliminate the build-up of fur throughout the house. I feel like it has helped me to feel more organized and in-control of the dust and allergens in our home too. I know how awful of task it can be dragging a hose around your house, putting off the task for days at a time while the dust builds, and this completely changes this dynamic!

The second major and possibly most important attribute that I looked for was big suction power. This vacuum has suction better than the best corded vacuums I've ever encountered. Not only is it perfect for apartments without central vac, it's perfect for houses with or without it too. The suction is absolutely unreal, it has three levels of suction perfect for clean-ups in all capacities.

The Dyson is super car-friendly. There was nothing I detested more than having to pull my car into the garage after a beach trip and have to run the hose (from the laundry room) out to the utmost lengths of its reach until it finally unplugged when I'd stretch it to reach the trunk. Ahh yes, the trunk. I once paid $150 just to have the dog fur removed from my trunk, only to have it reappear shortly after, with equal staying power. The video that got me most excited for the Dyson was one I came upon a few weeks ago, where a guy removed said fur with just one swipe of his vacuum (see here). Dyson vacuums offer powerful suction and specialist tools that can compete with car-detailers even at the $200 price-point.

I have to say, this vacuum is truly remarkable. Of all of the people I've spoken to about it, everyone has heard about Dyson's cordless technology being the future of vacuuming and I can certainly see why. Compact, lightweight, powerful suction, and honestly, fun to use! Dyson is paving the way, check out just some of the key technologies used in this powerhouse below.

If the Cyclone V10 Absolute isn't within your immediate budget right now, definitely check out some additional Dyson V10 options here.

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