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Commodity Fragrance: Rain

You guys- another fragrance review right here, right now! Rain is a beautiful fragrance from the White Collection of Commodity's signature fragrances. It's super refreshing, just like a brisk walk in the rain. It's cleansing and aquatic, and combines gentle water musk with a floral blend of lotus blossom, lemon verbena, and jasmine.

I love to pair fragrances with my styled looks and outfits, and Commodity offers a range of scent-options for each mood. Rain has been a perfect addition to my this week (yes it really has been pouring rain most of this week). Despite the drab fall weather, the uplifting notes in this fragrance bring life to my mood. It features lemon verbena top notes mixed with jasmine and lotus blossom, which keep things feeling sunny and crisp.

Commodity offers really nice sampler sets that feature a selection of their fragrances in nice mini-spray to allow you to test before committing to one scent. This was actually how I discovered my all-time favourite scent (Bergamot). Also worth noting, Rain is available as one of the samples at the online checkout on right now!

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