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Aria has reinvented the vent (our most talked about home detail).

Aria Lite blending in with our high-variance hardwood flooring.

It's no secret that things have changed drastically over the years when it comes to home interiors. From layout to design and everything in between, except for one thing actually- air vents. That was, until the invention of the Aria Vent. It's the first stylish alternative to the outdated grille vent system, and offers the only customizable product that can be adapted to every surface; including carpet, mosaic tile and drywall. We chose to incorporate Aria vents into our home, and they blend seamlessly into our décor.

Aria Lite featured in our front entranceway, a modern statement that continues to wow our guests!

It gets even better though! Aria vents are proudly manufactured in Canada, and the company is owned and operated by a father-daughter duo who are both highly innovative and passionate about design! When asked about the line the CEO, Ms.Mantenuto remarked, “Designers and homeowners have had to tolerate ugly air vents because there has never been a solution that is both well designed and functional, Aria Vent is the perfect marriage of utility and style.” I couldn't agree more, and since discovering the vents for my own home, I fully believe that this is the future and that grille-style vents will eventually become a thing of the past.

Aria Lite blending in seamlessly with our black and white tile.

We had a lot to consider when choosing vents for our home. Not only do we have a our greyhound Delta, eventually we plan to have children as well, and these factors also led us to Aria Vent. Aria Vent’s products are also child and pet friendly, as the strategic design and shape prevents children from tossing items into duct systems and pets from catching paws or identification tags in the grille.

From left to right; Aria Vent OG collection, Flushmount Pro Series, Drywall Pro Series, Aria Lite Collection

As the first alternative to the traditional grille model vent, the Aria collections offer a super minimalist and modern vent design that can be used on floors, walls and ceilings. The center of each vent can be customized with any material through easy ‘drop-in’ mounting. I know a lot of my followers were super interested in using the same model that we used, which was the Aria Lite model. It is available in black as well as white (see above), and it's very affordable- you can shop it here. I've shown how to install the Lite model on my Instagram stories here, saved under "House". By following the installation video below, you can easily do it yourself! As always, if you have questions you can reach out to me by email or on Instagram, and I'd be happy to help!

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