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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas!

I cannot believe the holidays are already upon us, it seems hard to believe that we are well into December now. I've put together some great stocking stuffer/small gift items for this season! Let's get down to business.

This versatile scrubber is perfect for all kinds of cleaning tasks, the round, smiling Scrub Daddy sponge will not scratch any type of surface, cleans easily and won't hold any bad smells. A great stocking stuffer for everyone on your list! {Amazon Prime}

Oh my goodness, this hair-towel has almost a perfect 5-Star rating on Amazon and for good reason. It cuts hair drying time in half, and has been an absolute life-saver for me! In addition, it is gentler on the hair than a normal towel, preventing breakage and frizz, huge game-changer! {Amazon Prime}

I love Me Bath bath bombs! They are individually wrapped so they are perfect to pop in a stocking or include in a gift bag as a little extra. My personal favourite is the unicorn magic one! {Amazon Prime}

If you have a bunch of people to gift, they also have bags of individually wrapped bath bombs which couldn't be more perfect for the occasion! {Amazon Prime}

The perfect palm-friendly exfoliating brush. I really believe the secret to clear skin is proper exfoliation and this brush is perfect for that. It's under $10 and it comes in pink (pictured below) and a more masculine grey. {Amazon Prime}

Everyone needs socks, everyone loves cozy socks. These colours are very neutral (hello wearing them outside of the house) and perfect for everyone on your list. {Amazon Prime}

What are you gifting this season? Drop me a line here!

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