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Two Months Taking Goli ACV Gummies

A couple of months ago I read an article about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Particularly for digestive health. Apart from using ACV in the occasional salad dressing, I didn't have much of a relationship to it. I wanted to improve my digestion and overall feel better after another long, sun-deprived winter.

Below are some of the most basic benefits of ACV.

It contains:

  • magnesium

  • iron

  • phosphorus

  • manganese

  • amino acids

  • antioxidants

Health claims:

  • is a natural laxative and it can improve digestion

  • lowers blood sugar levels

  • improves insulin sensitivity

  • increases satiety and helps people to lose weight

  • lowers cholesterol

  • lowers blood pressure and improves heart health

The process to make apple cider vinegar is as follows: apples are crushed and exposed to yeast. By doing this, the natural sugar from the apple is fermented and turned into alcohol. The difference between making apple cider and the apple cider vinegar is that to make the latter it is fermented twice.

Of course, apple cider vinegar won’t work miracles, and it certainly won’t replace a balanced diet and exercise. It promotes health and it helps you maintain it, but drinking apple cider vinegar won’t have a major impact unless you’re making other steps towards your health too. No supplement can do that, that's why they are called supplements.

With that said, if you would like to incorporate ACV into your lifestyle and give it a try to see how it can benefit you, Goli Gummies are the BEST way to do so. Why?

1. They taste amazing.

They are actually yummy, they are like a little treat for me after a meal. They don't taste acidic, they maintain a good taste by using natural ingredients like pomegranate.

2. They do not harm your tooth enamel. One of the hugest drawbacks to regular bottled ACV is that it is extremely concentrated in acid, which degrades tooth enamel over time. These won't do that in any way, shape, or form!

3. They will not harm your digestive lining or cause throat burn. The acid levels in the Goli gummy formula is not at all present in the same way that you would experience it drinking it even diluted in water.

4. They use, THE MOTHER.

That just means the most beneficial, cloudy part that is often mistakenly removed from ACV in its liquid form. It is by far the most essential and beneficial component. It contains additional health benefits because of the high concentration of probiotics and enzymes.

5. Finally, they are gluten free, vegan (no gelatine), organic, non-GMO and as mentioned above, unfiltered pure ACV.

I am always very careful about trying new supplements and worry about reactions to them- ACV is one of the only nutritional products that has no side effects in healthy individuals, which is another reason why I feel comfortable recommending it.

Goli was kind enough to give me a code to share to give you 5% off your purchase- shop here or use code: KARLA5

Initial bottle of Goli gummies were gifted*

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