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Two Amazing Drugstore Finds

I recently moved from Toronto to the country, and when I say country I mean like, the closest beauty counter is the drugstore. Don't fear, it's not all bad, I've been discovering lots of really great drugstore beauty finds and wanted to share two that I've been obsessing over!

1. L'Oreal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub

Okay, I have been raving about this like crazy over on Insta-stories and Snapchat. I really love this scrub! My skin changed for the better when I was given the advice to exfoliate my skin three times per week in order to help with bumps and blemishes. It worked wonders. The new scrubs from L'Oreal are super natural and come in three options based on your skincare needs. I love the grapeseed and the kiwi the most, while the chocolate is great for drier and more sensitive skin. No matter which you choose, they are priced at $12.99 and can't be beat!

2. Maybelline Super Stay Full-Coverage Foundation

It feels like I have been searching forever for a full-coverage foundation that is affordable and truly comparable to foundations in the $50+ range. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found it. The Maybelline Super Stay foundation far exceeds all of my expectations for the perfect foundation. It comes in a lot of shades to fit your skin tone and is buildable depending on your desired final look. It goes on smooth and provides great coverage without being too drying. I used to always wear Smashbox 15-hour foundation but at $55 per bottle I'm happy I made the switch and won't be going back! Only $12.96 per bottle- such a win!


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