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The New Soft Matte Complete Collection | NARS Cosmetics

I really wish I had tried the Soft Matte Complete collection from NARS sooner. I used the Soft Matte Complete concealer and the Soft Matte Complete foundation for the first time, on what I can now confirm was probably the last 'hot' day we will get this year. With a full day of hiking ahead (my fiancé is the outdoor enthusiast, not me) I knew I wanted something lightweight but matte enough to withstand the heat. I was about to begin my makeup, and almost forgot that I had been dying to try these new launches. I grabbed the concealer in shade 2.2 (Nougatine) and the foundation shade I chose was Light 3 (Gobi). Now I am a true olive when it comes to skin tone and both were a perfect match. Those who know, know, that you must warm NARS using your fingers before applying. It might sound like a step that you can skip (it is, no pressure) but it definitely does make magic happen. I always warm it slightly in my hand before transferring it onto my makeup sponge. The proper technique though? Finger application! That's what the pro NARS artists recommend.

The concealer glided on so smoothly for a creamy full-coverage look, muting my dark circles from the 6AM wakeup call. This concealer is a permanent resident of my makeup bag now. The foundation was so much more full-coverage than I could have ever hoped for. But I wasn't wrong in assuming it was lightweight, it truly did not feel heavy or cakey in the slightest. Mask-wearing has definitely caused me to breakout unlike I have ever experienced before. This formula covered the red marks from acne and acnes-past with ease. I looked like a canvas primed and ready after only one thin application of each using my Real Techniques sponge. I set it with a Maybelline translucent powder, and a spritz of their new Glass setting spray.

We drove to Dundas Peak, a little under two hours from our house. In total we were there for four and a half hours and it was 26 degrees celsius. It was a perfect ode to summer! During our brief stop for a selfie at the top I was actually amazed to see how well my makeup look had held up. The foundation really worked for me during the hike, seemingly absorbing oil throughout, just as proclaimed. The foundation uses a formulation called the Hydramatte Balancing Complex to actually decrease shine while wearing. When we arrived home 11 hours later, my makeup looked remarkably flawless, no peeking red marks whatsoever!

What else does the Soft Matte collection do?

Here's the grand finale, it comes with skincare benefits. YES, really!

The Soft Matte Complete Foundation includes a blend of botanical extracts and antioxidants to protect against pollution and provides a barrier to the skin. It includes bio-hyaluronic acid to provide moisture and keep it from escaping, for shine-free hydration! This foundation actually cleared up my breakouts and felt lightweight at the same time. You don't have to feel bad for wearing makeup with a breakout thanks to this healing foundation!

Shop the foundation HERE!

Shop the concealer HERE!


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